What is Awa Drone?

Awa Drone is a YouTube channel , a small aerial production service, and a source of information about drones. The name Awa originates from Awa Province, which was the original name of current, Tokushima Prefecture, on the island of Shikoku, in Japan. The Awa Province area kept this name until the Meiji restoration in the late 1800’s.

The company Awa Drone, was originally formed and is based in Tokushima, Japan, so the name seemed fitting. Since it’s formation, Awa Drone flew down south, nesting in New Zealand for a couple of years. There have been a few other countries along the way, but we are happy to be back home, in Japan.

Who is Awa Drone?

Tyler Walkey is the founder and sole pilot here at Awa Drone. With over 8 years experience building and flying drones, he has a good foundation of knowledge in the craft.

Ever since Tyler was 9 years old, before drones were swarming the skies, he could be found at the local RC airstrip flying his gas powered RC airplanes made of balsa wood and laminate. This lifetime of experience in the hobby has developed his keen eye and steady fingers to grab those cinematic shots you see on our videos.


Why Tokushima, Japan?

Tyler first stepped foot on Japanese soil in 2007, while teaching swimming for the US military. He has since lived all over Japan, from the sandy beaches of Okinawa, to bustling Tokyo megatropolis, he has seen all aspects of life in Japan. But after teaching English in Tokushima for over 5 years, he found a place to call home. 

Tokushima is located on Shikoku, the smallest of Japans four main islands. Just a couple hours outside of Kyoto and Osaka, Tokushima offers a quieter life, surrounded by rivers, mountains, outdoor sports, and most importantly, a drone friendly environment. 

Flying drones in Japan can be tricky business, thanks to the dense population and spiderweb of power lines. But Tokushima is uniquely suited for drones, which is why Awa Drone has landed here.

Awa Drone’s Beginnings

Check out this video showing some of the early times here at Awa Drone. Kenji, over at TheDoubleCut, did a great job talking about what it takes to be a drone pilot.